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CREA Trust: This is what we stand for

We are independent: We are free to choose our partners depending on specific requirements. For this reason we are not bound by any sectorial or business obligations and can always choose the best supplier depending on the specific product and requirement.

We offer tailored solutions: We work closely together with our customers and develop ideas and personalized services with them. We encourage the Family Office approach to work and our staff constantly undergo a program of further training in a highly complex and multicultural environment. Rather than always providing our customers with what think they want, we advise them so that they are successful in the long term.

We deliver top quality: Cooperation with first-class experts throughout the world and the continuous program of further training for our team ensure long-term partnerships and top quality. Here, the satisfaction and success of our customers are always our overriding priority.

We are choosy: Our careful choice of customers enables us to ensure discretion and the highest levels of service quality. By working together with us you benefit from enhanced efficiency and performance. Meeting your requirements is the top priority of our small but extremely efficient, dedicated and highly motivated team.

We are close to you: We’re easy to reach because we work in the heart of Europe and we speak and work in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.