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CREA Group: This is what we stand for

You can be certain that we will do our utmost to provide you with a comprehensive service, expert, all-round advice and guidance as well as the highest levels of quality for all our products and services. Our entire team always strives to achieve optimum outcomes – your success is our success.

The following three points are crucial for us and our work:

As a small organization geared towards efficiency we avoid long decision-making paths and complicated hierarchical structures and work in a flat matrix organization. Each of our team members performs different duties depending on customer requirements. Constant further training in specialist fields and in business administration and organizational issues goes without saying for each member of our staff.

We are committed to transparency in our work towards our partners: customers, suppliers, employees and consultants. In addition to complying with local laws and regulations we also adopt best business practices in our work and expect the same level of professionalism from our partners. There are no hidden costs or secret price agreements in our Group. Our calculations and quotations always contain an arrangement that protects you against unexpected additional costs.  

Ethical principles
We aim to provide all our customers with the best service quality. In our activities we endeavor to arrive at generally recognized and transparent solutions. Consequently our relationships with our customers are based on clear business and ethical principles – in order to protect our clients and the representatives of all the companies in the CREA Group.  

Before we enter into a customer relationship it is important that documentation related to the customer, the customer profile and the business owner is known to us.

Without exception, companies in the CREA Group always adhere to clear legal and ethical guidelines. Based on this business policy, none of the companies in the CREA Group will enter into business relationships with state employees or their dependents, with representatives of state institutions or their dependents, with customers or representatives of manufacturers and dealers of arms and war material, with persons or organizations linked in any way to this field, or with customers or business owners with registered business offices or permanent residence in regions which currently find themselves in an actual or virtual state of war.

In order to protect our customers and representatives of companies in the CREA Group we also apply further restrictions in regard to the management and leadership of legal entities.