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Conflicts of interest

CREA Asset Management Trust reg. (hereinafter called "CREA AM") specialises in asset management and is a member of the CREA Group, to which CREA Trust reg. and CREA Consulting SA also belong. These companies focus on international trust services, controlling, accountancy and tax and legal advice.

With its "Guidelines for Handling Conflicts of Interest" (Download PDF 234 KB), CREA AM endeavours to spot potential existing conflicts of interest, to identify potential future conflicts of interest and to explain the selected proposed solutions. Our goal is to safeguard the reputation of CREA AM amongst clients, business partners and other third parties, and to make a contribution towards market integrity.

CREA AM aims to identify conflicts of interest at an early stage, and to avoid these to the greatest extent possible. Insofar as a conflict of interest cannot be avoided on the basis of the strategic and organisational measures established at CREA AM, the risk of undermining client interests should be kept to the minimum. CREA AM's top priority is to solve such conflicts of interest in favour and for the benefit of the clients of CREA AM.